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Are you about to put your fist through a wall because of:
  • Diets that make you miserable
  • Boring treadmill and elliptical workouts
  • Not fitting into your skinny jeans
  • Not having the motivation to workout once you drag yourself to the gym
  • Low energy levels

Why Gyms Don’t Work

No Motivation - Going by yourself to the gym is simply not motivating. Especially after a few weeks. Nothing beats one of our instructors pushing you to give it 100%

Boring - After a month, all the cool machines and weights at the gym are no longer so cool or neat… there are only so many ways to jog on a treadmill or look like a hamster on an elliptical… it is LAME… and you are paying money for it!  But at least you can watch NCIS on the TVs with the subtitles..

No Direction – What’s todays workout going to be? What makes it different then yesterdays? Is this even going to work for me?  We know whats going to WORK FOR YOU! And we know how to keep you working hard, excited, and motivated about coming to class.  A Big Help with direction are our FREE ongoing Diet/Nutritional Consultations.  You can’t out train bad nutrition.  Wherever you want to go with your fitness goals, we’ll help get you there.

Just See What People Are Saying


So what’s our plan? 

I’m sure this is probably not your first time trying to get more fit.  Nevertheless, about 85%of overweight people consider starting a fitness and/or nutrition plan for at least six months before taking any serious action!  And from that 85%, about 75% end up crashing or completely quitting within the first month!  Don’t feel bad if you fall in this category!

I’ll tell you what, if you are currently in that 85% and have been talking about starting a program but haven’t yet… then I got the cure for you!  In five seconds I’ll push you into that active 15%!  Ready…

Register Now and you’ll get

  • FREE 30 DAY TRIAL OF CARDIO KICKBOXING Classes, and our Boxing Workout Classes.  Plus a FREE BOOTCAMP INTRO CLASS!!

This is one of those moments where this could be the day it all changed for you… or simply just another day

1 – You can X out this site and continue living with a body you’re uncomfortable and unhappy with. You can stick with what you’ve been doing and eating the same way you are right now and never change (although chances are things will get worse as the weeks, months and years add up.) If this is your decision, then I want to wish you well and hope that someday you’ll be ready to claim the body you deserve.


2 – You can call us today at (914) 355-2618 and claim your NO COST, FREE 30 Day Trial and get one step closer to a fit, toned and attractive body you can be proud of. Get Beach Body Ready for Summer.  I think it’s about time you put yourself first again don’t you? Just imagine how you’ll feel a few short weeks from now if you just trust your instincts.

Call (914) 355-2618 or Click Below

Yours in Fitness,

P.S. Don’t let the next few months be the same as the past few months. Do something about it and take action today.

P.P.S. Remember, your success is totally guaranteed. For the next 30 days, follow my program and if you don’t feel lighter, tighter, and stronger I’ll give you a refund – NO HASSELS and NO BAD BLOOD. Fair enough?

P.P.P.S. No matter what disappointments you’ve experienced in the past, this is the only fitness program that’s going to work as you can see from all the success stories of your neighbors and friends.

P.P.P.P.S. Here’s the reality: 30 days from now you’ll either be a month older and a few pounds heavier, or you can be 6-12 pounds lighter and a few steps closer to the body you deserve. You have everything to gain! Call (914) 355-2618 today and get your body back!